Research Summary

The document appears to be an issue of “Alpha Made Here,” a newsletter that provides insights into new crypto projects and market overviews. The spotlight project in this issue is KTX.Finance, a decentralized derivative exchange that rewards early supporters with $KTC token airdrops. The newsletter also highlights other projects such as Strateg Protocol, an omnichain social yield infrastructure, and Mayan Finance, a cross-chain swap auction protocol.

Actionable Insights

  • Explore KTX.Finance: The platform has recently launched its native token $KTC on PancakeSwap. It’s rewarding early supporters with $KTC token airdrops. The mainnet DApp will be launched shortly.
  • Consider Strateg Protocol: This platform allows users to create and use complex strategies to earn profits on different blockchains. Users can also share these strategies with their communities and clients.
  • Check out Mayan Finance: This is a cross-chain swap auction protocol that allows seamless bridging of assets between EVM chains. The mainnet has recently gone live.

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