Research Summary

The article provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the crypto space. It highlights key events such as the upcoming implementation of the Nairobi upgrade in Tezos, the launch of the public beta of Umami DAO’s $GLP vault, and the conclusion of the Sparta DEX testnet on Arbitrum. The report also mentions significant financial transactions, including MicroStrategy’s purchase of 12,333 $BTC and the liquidators of 3AC seeking a return of $1.3B from Su Zhu and Kyle Davies. Regulatory actions against Binance in Belgium and Austria, as well as the petition to place Prime Trust in receivership, are also discussed.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Tezos: The Nairobi upgrade is set to introduce faster consensus, Smart Rollups that evolve with protocol upgrades, and 8x increased TPS.
  • Watch Umami DAO: The public beta of their $GLP vault is set to launch soon, offering improved returns on yield strategies.
  • Keep an eye on Sparta DEX: The testnet on Arbitrum will conclude on June 30th, with the lockdrop mainnet set to launch on July 24th and TGE on August 3rd.
  • Track MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment: The company purchased 12,333 $BTC at an average price of $28,136 between April 29th and June 27th.
  • Stay updated on regulatory actions: Binance has been ordered to terminate crypto services in Belgium and has withdrawn its license application in Austria. Prime Trust is facing a petition for receivership.

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