Research Summary

The article discusses the XMTP protocol, which is becoming the preferred messaging protocol for Web3 applications. XMTP offers a general messaging solution that developers can integrate into their apps without needing permission. An XMTP inbox is linked to a user’s blockchain address and can be moved between different applications, similar to a Web3 social profile. The success of new messaging projects like XMTP relies heavily on network effects, as their value and utility are largely determined by the number of users on the network.

Actionable Insights

  • Embrace XMTP: As XMTP is becoming the go-to messaging protocol for Web3 applications, developers should consider integrating it into their apps.
  • Understand Network Effects: The success of new messaging projects like XMTP is largely dependent on network effects. Therefore, strategies to increase user participation should be prioritized.
  • Consider User Portability: The portability of an XMTP inbox, which is tied to a user’s blockchain address, is a significant advantage. Developers should consider how to leverage this feature in their applications.

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