Dashboard Summary

The U.S. Government Bitcoin Holdings dashboard by 21Shares provides a detailed overview of the Bitcoin (BTC) seized by the U.S. government since 2020. It tracks the U.S. government wallets associated with the three largest BTC seizures, including the Silk Road Seizure in November 2020, the Bitfinex Hack Seizure in January 2022, and the James Zhong Seizure in March 2022. The dashboard also includes a transaction history of the U.S. government’s Bitcoin holdings.

Data Points

  • Estimated BTC Balance US Gov – BTC Balance and USD Value
  • BTC Circulating Supply Held by the US Gov US Gov – % of Supply Owned by US Gov
  • US Gov – Total Bitcoin Seized by Entity
  • Date of Last Recorded Transaction US Gov Tx History
  • Estimated USD Balance US Gov – BTC Balance and USD Value
  • US Government Txs History
  • Nov 2020 Silk Road Seizure – 69,369 BTC
  • Jan 2022 Bitfinex Hack Seizure – 94,643 BTC
  • Mar 2022 James Zhong Seizure – 51,326 BTC

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