Podcast Summary

In this episode of 1000x, Jonah and Avi discuss the ETH:BTC trade, their worst trades and what they learned, why OG DeFi tokens pumped, how most NFTs resemble brands (not art), trading a BTC ETF approval, and the setup for the next bull run.

Key Takeaways

  • Worst Trades and Lessons from History: The hosts discuss their worst trades and the lessons they learned from them. They emphasize the importance of being nimble and willing to commit size in the crypto market.
  • Addressing Crypto Naysayers: They address the skepticism around crypto and argue that the price of ETH was not correlating with the negative sentiment, which was a buying signal for them.
  • The OG DeFi Token Pump: They discuss the recent pump in OG DeFi tokens and attribute it to the SEC’s inaction, which has led to a resurgence in DeFi.
  • Why Are You Bullish NFTs?: The hosts express their bullish sentiment on NFTs, viewing them as a use case for the blockchain. They also discuss the need for a service that provides secure storage for NFTs.
  • What Happens to ETH:BTC if an ETF is Approved?: They discuss the potential impact of a BTC ETF approval on the ETH:BTC trade. They believe that if an ETF is approved, it would look similar to the Futures ETF approval where it tops effectively on the day of the ETF approval and ETH runs after and catches up really hard.
  • The Setup for a Bull Run in 24/25: The hosts predict a bull run in 2024/2025, driven by the institutionalization of Bitcoin and the continued traction of Ethereum.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Bullish: The hosts express a bullish sentiment on NFTs and predict a bull run in 2024/2025. They also express optimism about the potential approval of a BTC ETF and its impact on the ETH:BTC trade.
  • Bearish: There is no explicit bearish sentiment expressed in the podcast.
  • Neutral: The hosts maintain a neutral stance on the overall crypto market, emphasizing the need to be nimble and willing to commit size.

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