Podcast Summary

The podcast delves into the intricacies of ESTFOR KINGDOM, a blockchain-based game with a focus on economics and tokenomics. The episode features an in-depth discussion about the game’s mechanics, its underlying token “Brush,” and its marketplace. The podcast also explores the game’s potential for long-term success, especially considering its deployment on the Fantom blockchain.

Key Takeaways

The Game’s Economic Model

  • Tokenomics and Economics: ESTFOR KINGDOM has a well-thought-out economic model, revolving around its native token, Brush.
  • Marketplace Dynamics: The game features an external marketplace that feeds back into its economics.
  • Long-term Viability: The podcast suggests that the game’s economic model could be a key factor in its long-term success.

Deployment on Fantom Blockchain

  • Blockchain Choice: The game is deployed on the Fantom blockchain, which has its pros and cons.
  • Network Effects: Being on Fantom could either be a hurdle or an opportunity for ESTFOR KINGDOM.
  • Future Cross-Chain Functionality: The game could potentially function cross-chain in the future, opening up new avenues for growth.

Player Retention and Community

  • Community Engagement: The podcast notes that most players who have engaged with the game seem to enjoy it.
  • Retention Metrics: Future success could be determined by one, two, and six-month player retention stats.
  • Fantom Foundation Support: The game has received ongoing support from the Fantom Foundation, indicating a level of institutional confidence.

Deflationary Mechanisms

  • Token Burn: The game has mechanisms for burning the Brush token, adding a deflationary aspect to its economics.
  • NFT Burn: NFTs sold into the shop get burnt, reducing their circulation.
  • Impact on Economics: These deflationary mechanisms could have a significant impact on the game’s long-term economics.

Future Prospects

  • Mobile App Potential: The game could reach a broader audience if turned into a mobile app.
  • Scaling Opportunities: The game has the potential to be at the forefront of Fantom technology.
  • Investment Perspective: From an investment standpoint, the game presents several intriguing opportunities.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Bullish: The podcast generally portrays a bullish sentiment towards ESTFOR KINGDOM, especially considering its well-designed economic model and the potential for long-term success.
  • Bearish: Some concerns were raised about the game’s deployment on the Fantom blockchain, which could be a hurdle for its growth.
  • Neutral: While the podcast presented both pros and cons, it did not express a strongly neutral stance.

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