Research Summary

The report discusses the current bullish market trends, highlighting the rise of Bitcoin to a new all-time high (ATH). It also provides insights into the performance of various tokens and the lessons learned from the bull market. The report further explores market narratives, on-chain activities, and top movers in the AI, gaming, and meme sectors.

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin’s Bullish Market

  • Bitcoin’s ATH: The report highlights the recent surge in Bitcoin’s price, reaching a new ATH of $72,000. The author dismisses bearish sentiments, focusing instead on the ongoing bullish trend.
  • Market Lessons: The author shares lessons from the bull market, emphasizing the importance of not chasing pumps and rotating tokens. The report suggests that such actions often result in missing significant market moves.

Market Narratives and Top Movers

  • AI Sector: The report identifies RNDR, NEAR, FET, and AGIX as top movers in the AI sector, with NEAR and RNDR expected to continue outperforming due to the upcoming GTC event.
  • Gaming Sector: BEAM, MAVIA, PIXL, SUI, and APT are highlighted as top performers in the gaming sector, with the upcoming Gaming Developers Conference expected to influence market trends.
  • Meme Sector: The report notes the volatility of meme coins like PEPE, WIF, DOGE, SHIB, and FLOKI, which led the initial rally with significant monthly gains.

On-Chain Activities

  • ETH On-Chain: The report notes that Ethereum’s on-chain activity remains relatively low compared to the perps markets. However, Solana memecoins are performing well, with new names like Popcat and joe bidun emerging.
  • On-Chain Markets: The author notes the difficulty in keeping up with on-chain markets due to the rapid launch of memecoins, particularly on the Solana chain.

Individual Outperformers

  • Outperforming Assets: The report identifies SOL, INJ, TIA, ONDO, LINK, and others as individual outperformers with good tech. Solana is highlighted as the retail chain, INJ as the asset that moves 20% in a day, and LINK as the “700D accumulation range” trade.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Market Trends: The report suggests keeping an eye on market trends, particularly in the AI, gaming, and meme sectors, as these areas have shown significant activity and potential for growth.
  • Consider On-Chain Activities: Despite the challenges in keeping up with on-chain markets, the report suggests that these markets, particularly Solana memecoins, could offer potential growth opportunities.
  • Focus on Individual Outperformers: The report highlights the importance of focusing on individual outperformers with good tech, such as SOL, INJ, TIA, ONDO, and LINK, as these assets have shown significant market movements.

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