Research Summary

The newsletter discusses the events of the SEC has sued Binance and Coinbase, and several coins have been labeled as securities. Despite this, BTC and ETH have remained stable. The newsletter also mentions Vertex, a DEX that offers trading, earning, and borrowing from one platform. A new market structure bill is in Congress, which could clarify the authority between the SEC and CFTC. Louis Vuitton has entered the NFT space, and Pendle has been performing well in the DeFi sector. Lastly, the newsletter introduces Webacy, a Web3 Safety Suite that offers real-time notifications for unusual transactions.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Regulatory Developments: The SEC’s lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase could have significant implications for the crypto market. Keep an eye on these developments and their potential impact on various coins.
  • Assess Investor Behavior: Despite the SEC’s actions, BTC and ETH have remained stable. This could indicate investor confidence in these particular coins.
  • Stay Informed on Exchange Activity: Vertex, a DEX that offers various services, is worth exploring. Its upcoming token release could present an opportunity for early investors.
  • Track NFT Trends: Louis Vuitton’s entry into the NFT space signals continued interest from major brands. This could lead to further mainstream acceptance of NFTs.
  • Evaluate DeFi Performance: Pendle’s strong performance in the DeFi sector could make it a coin to watch.
  • Prioritize Security: Consider using tools like Webacy to enhance the security of your crypto transactions.

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