Research Summary

The article is a newsletter discussing key developments in the crypto space. It covers the launch of Vertex on Arbitrum, a DEX that closely matches the performance of a CEX. The newsletter also mentions the upcoming rebranding and product launch of MakerDAO, including a new blockchain and AI tools for governance. It highlights the value of $1 on Solana and provides a breakdown of upcoming launches on Cosmos. The article also provides tips for securing funds and discusses the benefits of using Polygon’s zkEVM.

Actionable Insights

  • Explore Vertex on Arbitrum: Vertex, a DEX that mirrors the performance of a CEX, has launched on Arbitrum. It allows trading, earning, and borrowing from one platform. Users can earn the yet-to-be-released Vertex token by using the platform.
  • Monitor MakerDAO Developments: MakerDAO is launching a new brand identity and a range of new products, including a new blockchain and AI tools for governance monitoring and improvement.
  • Assess Value on Solana: The article highlights the significant value that $1 can have on Solana, indicating potential investment opportunities.
  • Stay Informed on Cosmos Launches: The article provides a breakdown of upcoming launches on Cosmos, which could present new investment opportunities.
  • Ensure Fund Security: The article provides tips for securing funds in the crypto space, which is crucial for any investor or trader.
  • Consider Polygon’s zkEVM: The article suggests that Polygon’s zkEVM could be a beneficial tool for users, indicating its potential value.

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