Research Summary

The report discusses several untapped opportunities in the crypto space, including yield opportunities and airdrops. It highlights various projects across different networks and sectors, such as Pepe Evolution, Pendle, Catalyst, Avantis, and others. The report also provides insights into their strategies, funding, and potential returns.

Key Takeaways

Pepe Evolution and Pendle’s Competitive Landscape

  • Pepe Evolution’s Competitive Edge: Pepe Evolution is a close competitor with Eigenlayer, boasting over 900m TVL and having raised $48m series A at $1b valuations from prominent investors like Pantera and Coinbase Venture. The platform offers several strategies to earn Karak XP, similar to Eigenlayer points.
  • Pendle’s Farming Pools: Pendle has launched three pools to farm Karak, with more expected. Each pool offers different earning opportunities, including Karak XP and Sats per day. The platform also suggests an average of 98% returns on 1,000 YT-USDe if Karak launches at $2B FDV with 5% supply distributed.

Catalyst and Avantis’ Unique Offerings

  • Catalyst’s Cross-Chain AMM: Catalyst is a cross-chain AMM designed to connect all L1s and L2s. Despite being live for over ten days, it remains underfarmed with TVL less than $500k. Catalyst also offers a campaign where users earn eggs over eight weeks for their interaction.
  • Avantis’ Decentralized Leverage Trading: Avantis is a decentralized leverage trading platform that allows users to long or short synthetic, crypto, Forex, and commodities through a perpetual future contract. It also offers a Trade to Earn campaign with over $250k USDC in rewards to be distributed over 16 weeks.

Emerging Projects: Kakarot and Phoenix

  • Kakarot’s EVM Implementation: Kakarot is an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) implemented in Cairo. It leverages STARK proofs for provable blocks and transactions. The project is currently in the Public whitelist testnet phase.
  • Phoenix’s Potential: Phoenix is a decentralized limit Orderblock Dex on Solana. Despite raising $23m from S-Tier investors, it remains less talked about due to inactivity on social media. However, it offers potential opportunities for OG farmers who consistently trade on the platform.

Actionable Insights

  • Explore Pepe Evolution: Given its competitive edge and strategies to earn Karak XP, Pepe Evolution presents a potential opportunity for yield farming.
  • Consider Pendle’s Farming Pools: With its different earning opportunities and potential high returns, Pendle’s farming pools could be worth exploring.
  • Investigate Catalyst’s Cross-Chain AMM: Despite being underfarmed, Catalyst’s cross-chain AMM and egg earning campaign present potential opportunities for yield farming.
  • Research Avantis’ Leverage Trading: Avantis’ decentralized leverage trading platform and Trade to Earn campaign could offer potential yield opportunities.
  • Monitor Emerging Projects: Keep an eye on emerging projects like Kakarot and Phoenix, as they could present potential opportunities in the future.

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