Research Summary

The report discusses key events in the crypto market, including major macro events, token launches, and unlocks. It also highlights the deployment of Fjord Foundry on Solana and the next phase of Metis’s decentralized sequencer upgrade. The report also introduces Everclear, a solution to liquidity fragmentation in the blockchain, and discusses underrated airdrop opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Major Macro Events

  • US CPI Data Release and FOMC Meeting: These events are scheduled for Wednesday. The market is pricing in a small chance that the FED will cut rates this time. However, a rate cut could lead to a significant market pump.

Token Launches and Unlocks

  • zkSync Token Launch: zkSync has confirmed that the protocol token allocation will be revealed in the coming days. More details about the delegation process and token allocation will be unveiled.
  • ASI Token Merge: Fetch AI, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET will merge to create the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance and launch a new token called $ASI on June 13.
  • STRK and APT Token Unlocks: $75M worth of STRK and $96M worth of APT will be unlocked on June 15 and June 12 respectively. These tokens will go to investors and early contributors.

Blockchain Developments

  • Metis’s Decentralized Sequencer Upgrade: Metis’s Liquid Staking Providers Governance Proposal goes up for vote today, marking the next phase of its upgrade.
  • Fjord Foundry Deployment on Solana: Fjord Foundry, a popular launchpad platform, is going live on Solana today.

Liquidity Fragmentation Solution

  • Everclear: Everclear aims to solve liquidity fragmentation in the blockchain by developing a technology that removes the need for users to know what chain they are on. It has developed a new primitive, Clearing Layers, that coordinates market actors to net flows of funds between chains.

Airdrop Opportunities

  • Elixir and Rabby Wallet: The report highlights Elixir and Rabby Wallet as underrated airdrop opportunities. Elixir allows anyone to provide liquidity to orderbook DEXs and CEXs, while Rabby Wallet offers a better user experience than Metamask and has launched Season 2 of its points program.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Major Macro Events: Keep an eye on the US CPI data release and the FOMC meeting as they could influence the crypto market.
  • Track Token Launches and Unlocks: Stay updated on the zkSync token launch and the ASI token merge. Also, monitor the STRK and APT token unlocks as they could present potential opportunities.
  • Follow Blockchain Developments: Keep track of the next phase of Metis’s decentralized sequencer upgrade and the deployment of Fjord Foundry on Solana.
  • Explore Liquidity Fragmentation Solutions: Consider the potential of Everclear’s technology in solving liquidity fragmentation in the blockchain.
  • Consider Airdrop Opportunities: Look into the potential of Elixir and Rabby Wallet as underrated airdrop opportunities.

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