Research Summary

The report discusses the merger of, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol into the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI). It also highlights the potential of ASI in the decentralized AI space and provides insights into the performance of DEX volume on Solana. The report further explores Avalon, a lending and borrowing platform on Bitlayer’s network, and the use of DeepDAO for DAO-related analysis.

Key Takeaways

Artificial Superintelligence Alliance Formation

  • Merger of AI Projects:, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol have merged their projects, resources, and utility tokens into a collective called the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI). The merger aims to create a powerful alternative to Big Tech’s AI development.
  • Leadership and Future Plans: The ASI will be led by Ben Goertzel and Humayun Sheikh. The first phase of the merger was completed on July 1st, with the FET token set to rebrand to ASI. The second phase, planned for July 15th, will see the FET token upgrade to the ASI network and token.

DEX Volume on Solana

  • Increased Activity: DEX volume on Solana saw its 4th highest week since the start of 2024, approaching $12B in 7 days. Raydium, which handles the majority of DEX volume, processed an 80% uptick in volume this week.
  • Raydium’s Performance: Raydium crossed $50B in all-time volume and has earned $200M in fees over the past year.

Avalon on Bitlayer’s Network

  • Lending and Borrowing BTC: Avalon, an Aave fork built on several networks, allows users to lend and borrow BTC on Bitlayer’s network. Supplying and borrowing BTC earn Avalon Points for a potential airdrop.
  • Airdrop Potential: While the size of the airdrop is unknown, the current tokenomics suggest there’s still ~20% to allocate to a potential airdrop.

DeepDAO for DAO Analysis

  • DAO Analysis Tool: DeepDAO can be used to analyze DAO treasury holdings, governance voting participation rates, and tokens held by the most DAOs. It also provides updates on activity across thousands of DAOs.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor ASI’s Progress: Keep an eye on the progress of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance, especially the upcoming second phase of the merger. The success of this merger could have significant implications for the decentralized AI space.
  • Track DEX Volume on Solana: Given the recent surge in DEX volume on Solana, it may be beneficial to track its performance and the role of platforms like Raydium in driving this volume.
  • Explore Avalon’s Offering: Consider exploring Avalon’s lending and borrowing services on Bitlayer’s network, especially given the potential for earning Avalon Points for a possible airdrop.
  • Utilize DeepDAO for DAO Analysis: DeepDAO could be a valuable tool for those interested in DAO-related analysis, providing insights into treasury holdings, voting participation rates, and more.

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