Research Summary

The spotlight project is KyberSwap, a multichain DeFi exchange and aggregator on 13 chains. KyberSwap has a unique concentrated liquidity design that allows liquidity providers to earn high fees from trading pools and extra farming rewards. Other projects featured include Unipilot, an automated liquidity optimizer protocol, Lendle, a money market on Mantle Network, Coco, a trading tool for maximizing gains, Poply, an NFT marketplace on @monad_xyz, Taya Swap, an AMM DEX on @monad_xyz, Airdrop Fusion, an automated airdrop farming tool, RunBot, a tool for automating and monetizing trading strategies, and Ammos Finance, a DEX on Mantle Network.

Actionable Insights

  • Explore KyberSwap: KyberSwap has launched a single-click farming feature, making it easier for users to stake their LPs.
  • Try Unipilot: Unipilot has launched Unipilot v2, an automated liquidity optimizer protocol across multiple chains and DEXs.
  • Participate in Lendle’s Zealy Quest: Participation gives access to their airdrop.
  • Stay Tuned for Coco, Poply, Taya Swap, and Ammos Finance: More information about these projects will be released on Twitter.
  • Use Airdrop Fusion and RunBot: These tools have already launched and are ready for use.

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