Research Summary

The report discusses significant past and upcoming events in the crypto world. It covers DeFi news, governance proposals, and general news. Key entities mentioned include Jito, Starknet Foundation, Jupiter Exchange, Arbitrum DAO, Aevo, Mantle, Balancer, Parsec, Matcha, Gyroscope, Hashflow DEX, Worldcoin, Synthetix, Evmos DAO, CoW DAO, Lyra DAO, Aave DAO, Qredo DAO, BlackRock, Bitwise, MicroStrategy, Binance, Terraform Labs, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Societe Generale.

Key Takeaways

DeFi Developments

  • Jito’s Airdrop: Jito, a liquid staking protocol on Solana, airdropped 10% of its total supply to community members, with an initial 11.5% float circulating.
  • Arbitrum DAO’s Backfund: Arbitrum DAO approved a $23M backfund for projects initially approved for the STIP grant but did not receive the funds due to the initial 50M token budget. $GNS is the largest recipient with $4.5M $ARB.
  • Balancer’s V3 Announcement: Balancer, an Ethereum AMM, announced V3, bringing an overhaul of its underlying architecture and introducing native yield-bearing technology. It is expected to release in early Q2 2024.
  • Matcha’s Cross-Chain Swaps: Matcha, a DEX aggregator, launched cross-chain swaps, allowing users to swap tokens directly across seven chains while tapping into liquidity from more than 100 DEXs.
  • Gyroscope’s Mainnet Launch: Gyroscope, a stablecoin protocol, is set for mainnet launch this week. $GYD is built with automated risk diversification rules with the goal of being the safest stablecoin on-chain.

Corporate Crypto Moves

  • BlackRock and Bitwise’s ETF Applications: BlackRock and Bitwise updated their $BTC ETF applications, signaling ongoing discussions with the SEC. BlackRock also received $100k as seed capital to fund the creation units underlying its potential $BTC ETF.
  • MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Purchase: MicroStrategy purchased an additional 16.13k $BTC for $593.3M in November, bringing its total holdings to 174.53k $BTC at an average price of $30.25k.
  • Coinbase’s Money Transfer Service: Coinbase rolled out a money transfer service for users to transfer funds via link sharing.
  • Robinhood’s Crypto Trading App: Robinhood rolled out its crypto trading app in Europe. Crypto trading volume on the platform surged 75% in November.
  • Societe Generale’s Tokenized Green Bonds: French bank Societe Generale issued its first tokenized green bonds on Ethereum.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor DeFi Developments: Keep an eye on the developments in DeFi projects such as Jito, Arbitrum DAO, Balancer, Matcha, and Gyroscope. Their recent moves could influence the DeFi landscape.
  • Track ETF Applications: Follow the progress of BlackRock and Bitwise’s ETF applications. Their approval could significantly impact the crypto market.
  • Assess MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Strategy: Evaluate MicroStrategy’s aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy. It could provide insights into institutional confidence in Bitcoin.
  • Explore Coinbase’s Money Transfer Service: Consider the implications of Coinbase’s new money transfer service. It could enhance the platform’s user experience and increase its user base.
  • Consider Robinhood’s European Expansion: Reflect on the potential impact of Robinhood’s crypto trading app launch in Europe. It could boost the platform’s global presence and influence.

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