Research Summary

The report is a comprehensive weekly report. It covers significant events in the crypto world, including updates on various DeFi platforms, regulatory actions, and upcoming events. Key highlights include the successful completion of the Optimism Bedrock upgrade, the launch of Curve Finance’s $stETH market, and Starknet’s integration with LambdaClass’s tech. The report also mentions regulatory actions against Binance and Coinbase by the SEC and the subsequent reactions from these platforms.

Actionable Insights

  • Optimism Bedrock upgrade: The upgrade, which promises a 40% reduction in transaction fees, has been successfully completed.
  • Curve Finance’s $stETH market: Curve Finance has launched an $stETH market for $crvUSD and raised the debt ceiling from $10M to $150M.
  • Starknet and LambdaClass’s tech: Starknet is set to integrate LambdaClass’s tech which will reduce transaction fees by 85%.
  • SEC actions against Binance and Coinbase: The SEC has sued Binance and Coinbase alleging multiple securities violations. Both platforms have responded, with Binance appointing a former regulatory officer to oversee regional markets and Coinbase CEO promising to continue “moving forward”.

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