Research Summary

The article discusses the impact of the Shapella hard fork on Ethereum’s staking industry, particularly focusing on stETH, the largest liquid staking derivative of ETH. The article explores how the ability to withdraw staked ETH has influenced stETH’s market dynamics and the wider crypto market. It also examines the performance of various staking entities post-fork, including Lido, RocketPool, Frax, Stakefish, and, and the implications of these changes.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Staking Developments: The Shapella fork has significantly impacted the staking sector, with various entities experiencing different flow dynamics. Monitoring these changes can provide insights into the evolving landscape of Ethereum staking.
  • Assess Market Dynamics: The market capitalization and liquidity of stETH are important indicators of its market health. Regular assessment of these factors can help in making informed investment decisions.
  • Stay Informed on Entity Performance: The performance of different staking entities post-fork can influence the overall staking industry. Keeping track of entity performance, such as deposit growth and outflows, can provide valuable insights.

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