Research Summary

The article provides an in-depth analysis of Blur and OpenSea Pro, two platforms that cater to professional NFT traders. Blur, which raised $11M in a seed round led by Paradigm, offers features such as incentivized pools, custom liquidity shaping, custom fee tiers, and directional liquidity provision. On the other hand, OpenSea Pro, previously known as Gem v2, offers 0% marketplace fees, advanced order types, and cross-marketplace information. The article suggests that while Blur currently dominates in terms of trading volume, OpenSea Pro has seen rapid growth in daily active users since its launch.

Actionable Insights

  1. Explore Blur and OpenSea Pro: Both platforms offer unique features for professional NFT traders. Exploring these platforms could provide insights into the tools and features available for advanced NFT trading.
  2. Monitor Trading Volume and User Growth: Blur currently leads in trading volume, while OpenSea Pro has seen rapid user growth. Monitoring these trends could provide insights into the competitive dynamics of the NFT marketplace.
  3. Understand the Role of Incentives: Both Blur and OpenSea Pro offer incentives to attract users. Understanding these incentives and their impact on user behavior could provide insights into effective strategies for attracting and retaining users in the NFT space.

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