Research Summary

The article discusses the potential of Blur, a decentralized NFT marketplace, to generate significant annual revenue for its DAO. The report evaluates Blur’s position in the market, its competition, and the potential value of the BLUR token. The author questions whether Blur can overcome the massive BLUR distribution at the end of Season 2 and achieve long-term success.

Actionable Insights

  • Consider the potential of Blur: Blur has the potential to generate $50m-250m of annual revenue for its DAO. This could be a significant opportunity for investors.
  • Evaluate the BLUR token: With a token trading at a $150m market cap, the BLUR token could represent a positive expected value play, especially with a fee switch decision coming in August.
  • Assess the impact of BLUR distribution: The massive BLUR distribution at the end of Season 2 could impact Blur’s long-term success. Investors should consider this factor when making investment decisions.

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