Research Summary

The report discusses Coinbase’s progression through its four-phase growth plan, with the latest phase involving the Base Chain. The Base Chain, an Ethereum Layer 2, is expected to onboard over a billion users to digital assets due to its low transaction fees and fast speeds. The report also highlights the growth of SocialFi applications, DeFi applications, and games on the Base Chain.

Key Takeaways

Coinbase’s Four-Phase Growth Plan

  • Strategic Phases: Coinbase’s growth plan, as outlined by founder Brian Armstrong, consists of four phases: protocols, infrastructure, wallets, and apps. The company has successfully transitioned through the first three phases and is now entering the final phase with the launch of Base Chain.
  • Base Chain’s Role: As an Ethereum Layer 2, Base Chain is expected to facilitate the onboarding of over a billion users to digital assets. It offers low transaction fees and fast speeds, making it an attractive platform for new crypto-based applications.

Base Chain’s Potential

  • Platform for Applications: Base Chain is not just a platform for transactions, but also a fertile ground for new applications. SocialFi applications, DeFi applications, and games are already sprouting and growing on the platform.
  • Easy Onboarding: As a Coinbase initiative, Base Chain will feature easy onboarding and access through Coinbase, one of the world’s largest exchanges, and the Coinbase Wallet. This ease of access could significantly boost the adoption of digital assets.

Base Chain’s Ecosystem

  • Base Ecosystem Protocols: The report mentions 15+ Base ecosystem protocols and their importance. These protocols could play a crucial role in the growth and development of the Base Chain.
  • Airdrop Opportunities: The report also mentions potential or confirmed airdrop opportunities with multiple protocols. These airdrops could incentivize more users to join the Base Chain.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Base Chain’s Progress: Given its potential to onboard over a billion users to digital assets, stakeholders should closely monitor the progress of Base Chain. Its success could have significant implications for the broader digital asset market.
  • Explore Base Ecosystem Protocols: The 15+ Base ecosystem protocols mentioned in the report could offer interesting opportunities. Stakeholders should explore these protocols to understand their potential impact on the Base Chain and the broader digital asset ecosystem.
  • Consider Airdrop Opportunities: The potential or confirmed airdrop opportunities with multiple protocols could be an attractive proposition for users. Stakeholders should consider these opportunities when evaluating the potential of the Base Chain.

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