Research Summary

The report discusses an interview with Jack Booth, Director of Marketing at TON Foundation, about the recent launch of Notcoin, the leading applications in the TON ecosystem, the collaboration between TON and USDT, and the distribution of TON tokens. The report also highlights the significant milestones TON has achieved this year.

Key Takeaways

Notcoin’s Successful Launch

  • Notcoin’s Impact: Notcoin, developed by an independent community team, had a successful launch, driving high traffic and causing Bybit to go down. It was listed simultaneously on OKEx and Binance due to its significant growth, reaching 35 million users in just three months.

Leading Applications in the TON Ecosystem

  • TON’s Major Applications: and @wallet are key applications in the TON ecosystem. allows users to buy their Telegram username as an NFT, while @wallet facilitates instant and borderless payments within Telegram. Notcoin is another significant application that has reached 35 million users.

TON and USDT Collaboration

  • Partnership Success: The collaboration between TON and USDT has been a significant milestone, with the circulating supply of USDT on TON reaching $275 million and around 75,000 users holding USDT on the blockchain. The partnership aims to provide seamless, borderless financial services to a broader audience.

TON Token Distribution

  • Decentralizing Supply: The Open League and Telegram ads are crucial initiatives for decentralizing the supply of TON Coin. About 47% of the total supply is locked until 2027, establishing a strong foundation for growing the TON ecosystem.

TON’s Major Milestones

  • TON’s Achievements: Significant milestones for TON include the launch of the Open League, the integration of the wallet into Telegram settings, the announcement of Telegram’s advertising platform on Tong Kong, and the launch of USDT at Token 2049. The upcoming launch of Telegram stickers on Ton is also an exciting development.

Actionable Insights

  • Explore the Potential of Notcoin: Given the successful launch and significant growth of Notcoin, it may be beneficial to explore its potential impact on the web3 gaming industry and its role in driving user engagement within the TON ecosystem.
  • Understand the Impact of TON’s Major Applications: Understanding the functionalities and impacts of TON’s major applications, such as and @wallet, can provide insights into how they are shaping the TON ecosystem and enhancing user experience.
  • Assess the Implications of the TON and USDT Collaboration: The collaboration between TON and USDT has shown promising results. Assessing its implications can provide insights into how it is expanding USDT’s user base and providing financial services to the unbanked.
  • Monitor TON’s Token Distribution Initiatives: Monitoring TON’s initiatives for decentralizing the supply of TON Coin can provide insights into how it is growing its ecosystem and rewarding the most active and valuable participants.
  • Track TON’s Major Milestones: Tracking TON’s major milestones can provide insights into its growth trajectory and its strategies for integrating blockchain technology into its platform.

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