Research Summary

The report discusses the launch of Chill Factor, an address-level analytics and scoring feature for the Avalanche data and analytics platform, Frosty Metrics. The system measures user engagement, diversity of interaction, and consistency over time, promoting multifaceted user behavior. The report also provides insights into the score distributions across tiers and the progression of users over time.

Key Takeaways

Introduction of Chill Factor

  • Launch of a New Scoring System: The report introduces Chill Factor, a scoring feature on the Frosty Metrics platform. It’s designed to be user-friendly and transparent, rewarding a range of on-chain activity patterns.

Scoring Methodology

  • Comprehensive Scoring Approach: Chill Factor Score is derived from the sum of Activity, Diversity, and Consistency component scores. Each component score is calculated as a weighted sum of corresponding metrics, normalized by min-max scaling. A decay factor is applied to prevent any single metric or component from dominating the score.

Score Distributions Across Tiers

  • Varied User Behavior: The distributions of Chill Factor scores across tier buckets demonstrate a wide variety of user profiles. The Warm and Subzero tiers show the greatest intra-tier variance, with a few users exhibiting either very high or very low scores.

Component Score Distribution

  • Healthy Progression Trend: The distributions of component scores show a step-like pattern, presenting a healthy progression trend. As users move up the tiers, activity becomes more important, while diversity’s influence decreases slightly, and consistency stays steady.

User’s Chill Factor Journey

  • From Warm to Subzero: The report highlights a user’s journey from Warm to Subzero in just a year. As the user climbed the tiers, the share of activity in the score grew significantly, marking a turning point in 2024 when the user’s activity skyrocketed.

Actionable Insights

  • Engage in a Range of Platform Activities: The Chill Factor scoring system encourages users to engage in a variety of activities on the platform. Users can increase their scores by diversifying their interactions and maintaining consistent engagement over time.
  • Monitor Score Progression: Users can track their Chill Factor scores to understand their progression over time. This can provide insights into their engagement level, diversity of interaction, and consistency, helping them identify areas for improvement.
  • Understand the Scoring System: Understanding the Chill Factor scoring methodology can help users strategize their activities on the platform. By knowing how each component contributes to the overall score, users can tailor their actions to maximize their scores.

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