Research Summary

This article is a transcript of a conversation with Yoni Ben Shimon, the founder of MatchboxDAO. Yoni shares his journey into the crypto world, starting from buying Bitcoin in 2012 to investing in various blockchain projects and eventually starting MatchboxDAO. He explains that MatchboxDAO aims to maximize the potential of onchain games by focusing on both centralized and decentralized efforts. The core team is building infrastructure and games internally, while the ecosystem efforts include grants, hackathons, direct investments, and partnerships with crypto companies. Yoni believes that onchain gaming is the next phase of innovation in the crypto space.

Actionable Insights

  • Invest in Onchain Gaming: MatchboxDAO’s focus on onchain gaming indicates a strong belief in its potential. Investors interested in the crypto space should consider onchain gaming as a promising area for investment.
  • Consider Diversified Efforts: MatchboxDAO’s approach of combining centralized and decentralized efforts could be a viable strategy for other organizations in the crypto space. This includes building internal infrastructure and games, as well as supporting external projects through grants, hackathons, and direct investments.
  • Partnerships are Key: Yoni emphasizes the importance of partnerships in making games and bringing in users. Crypto companies should consider partnering with other organizations to leverage their resources and user bases.

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