Research Summary

The research report discusses the potential of crypto-native Intellectual Property (IP) in creating new marketplace structures that promote co-creation. It highlights how NFTs, with their open-source, transferable, and token-based commercial rights, allow anyone holding a single NFT asset to contribute to a vibrant ecosystem. The report identifies three new types of exchange platforms born from this shift: IP marketplaces, creator marketplaces, and product marketplaces. It also discusses the challenges related to managing holder expectations, finding product-market fit, and building sustainable brands in the decentralized IP space.

Actionable Insights

  • Embrace the shift to crypto-native IP: The report suggests that crypto-native IP introduces new opportunities for co-creation and monetization, which can pull energy and talent away from traditional web2 structures.
  • Explore new marketplace structures: The emergence of IP marketplaces, creator marketplaces, and product marketplaces can facilitate a more equitable place for supply-side creators, allowing them to own and monetize their works directly from consumers.
  • Address the challenges of decentralized IP brands: To thrive, decentralized IP brands need to manage holder expectations, find product-market fit, and build sustainable brands. This includes listening to feedback from their communities, conducting market research to understand consumer preferences, and being transparent about their vision and roadmap.

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