Research Summary

The article discusses the emergence and growth of DeFi “Blue-Chips” such as AAVE and Synthetix, and how they have propelled the category of applications known as “decentralized finance”. It explores the criteria for a new protocol to achieve blue chip status, using Total Value Locked (TVL) as a key metric. The article sets out certain rules for identifying potential “next” DeFi blue chips, including a minimum TVL, a certain level of TVL increase, and deployment on a chain with a minimum TVL that has also seen significant growth.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor DeFi Blue-Chips: Keep an eye on established DeFi protocols like AAVE and Synthetix for market trends.
  • Criteria for Blue Chip Status: Understand the criteria for achieving blue chip status, such as TVL and growth metrics.
  • Identify Potential Blue Chips: Use the rules set out in the article to identify potential “next” DeFi blue chips.

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