Research Summary

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the mobile puzzle genre, focusing on Match-3 games. The report highlights the impact of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on the growth of Match-3 games, with a slow return to positive growth in 2022. It also discusses the strategies employed by companies to optimize their user acquisition campaigns. The report further explores the trends in downloads and revenue for Match-3 games, noting a slight downward trend since 2020. It provides detailed insights into the performance of individual games and publishers, with a special focus on games like Royal Match, Match Masters, and Candy Crush Saga.

Actionable Insights

  • Optimize User Acquisition: Companies can optimize their user acquisition campaigns by running campaigns on platforms like TikTok, consolidating campaigns, grouping countries into tier buckets based on their LTV/ROAS numbers, and experimenting with creatives.
  • Monitor Trends: Companies should monitor the trends in downloads and revenue for Match-3 games. While there has been a slight downward trend since 2020, new games like Royal Match have been released with great success, indicating significant interest in the subgenre.
  • Focus on Player Experience: Companies should focus on improving the player experience to drive success. For instance, Dream Games focused on player experience to make Royal Match a success.
  • Explore PVP Gameplay: Companies could explore Player Versus Player (PVP) gameplay to attract a higher proportion of male players, as seen with Match Masters.
  • Consider Android-US Combination: Companies could consider focusing on the Android-US combination, as seen with Match Masters, to reverse the industry trend of iOS users spending more than Android.

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