Research Summary

The research report discusses the 112th All Core Developers Consensus (ACDC) call of Ethereum core developers. The developers discussed the inclusion of a builder override flag in the Engine API, an increase to the target and maximum blob limit to 3/6 from 2/4 under EIP 4844, and ongoing research around changing the maximum effective balance of validators. The report also mentions the preparation to deprecate the public Goerli test network by the end of this year and replace it with a new testnet known as Holesky.

Actionable Insights

  • Consideration of Changes in Engine API: Developers should consider the proposed changes in the Engine API, including the builder override flag and the deprecation schedule for the “engine_exchangeTransitionConfiguration” method.
  • Monitoring of EIP 4844: Developers should monitor the testing efforts around EIP 4844, proto-danksharding, which is the main code change being implemented in the next Ethereum hard fork.
  • Preparation for Holesky Testnet: Ethereum stakeholders should prepare for the launch of the Holesky testnet, which will replace the Goerli test network and host a larger active validator set size.
  • Discussion on Increasing Effective Balance: Developers should participate in the ongoing discussion on increasing the effective balance of Ethereum validators to slow the growth of the active validator set and prevent unnecessary messaging bloat on Ethereum’s peer-to-peer layer.

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