Research Summary

This report covers the Ethereum All Core Developers Execution Call #170, where Ethereum developers discussed various topics including additions to the Cancun/Deneb upgrade, the launch of Devnet-9, audit results for EIP 4788, and the development of a new execution layer software client called “Reth”. The report also highlights discussions on the status of Devnet-8, the proposal to cap the maximum churn limit, and the inclusion of EIP 7514 and EIP 7516 into the Dencun upgrade.

Key Takeaways

Devnet-8 Status and Devnet-9 Launch

  • Devnet-8 Health: The testnet is healthy and finalizing, with client teams pushing new updates for experimentation purposes.
  • Delay in Block Processing: A 500-millisecond delay in the arrival of blobs on Devnet-8 is causing delays to block processing.
  • Devnet-9 Launch: The launch of the next Dencun testnet, Devnet-9, has been pushed back by one week to Tuesday, September 26.

EIP-7514: Add Max Epoch Churn Limit

  • Proposal to Cap Churn Limit: A proposal to cap the maximum churn limit and restrict the maximum growth rate of the Ethereum validator set has been formalized into EIP 7514.
  • Support for EIP 7514: Developers who had been hesitant about including this code change in Dencun expressed their support for EIP 7514.
  • Inclusion in Dencun: Based on the broad support for the EIP from client teams, developers agreed to include EIP 7514 into Dencun.

EIP-7516: BLOBBASEFEE opcode

  • Introduction of EIP 7516: EIP 7516, similar in design and motivation to EIP 3198, was discussed for inclusion in Dencun.
  • Function of EIP 7516: EIP 7516 would help Layer-2 rollups access real-time information about the base fee or cost for blob transactions.
  • Inclusion in Dencun: Based on the support from client teams and developers, EIP-7516 was agreed to be added to the Dencun upgrade.

Actionable Insights

  • Investigate the Potential of Devnet-9: With the launch of Devnet-9, there is an opportunity to observe the implementation of the new EIPs and their impact on the Ethereum network.
  • Monitor the Impact of EIP 7514: The inclusion of EIP 7514 in Dencun could have significant implications for the growth rate of the Ethereum validator set, which should be closely monitored.
  • Assess the Utility of EIP 7516: The implementation of EIP 7516 could provide valuable insights into the cost of blob transactions for Layer-2 rollups, which could be beneficial for future developments.

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