Research Summary

The report discusses five promising DeFi farming platforms: Timeswap, Flooring Protocol, Gravita Protocol, Sommelier Finance, and Arrakis Finance. Each platform offers unique features and attractive yields, with a focus on decentralization, liquidity provision, and token incentives.

Key Takeaways

Timeswap: The Uniswap of Lending and Borrowing

  • Timeswap’s Unique Approach: Timeswap uses time-based isolated liquidity pools to create a decentralized money market free from liquidation and oracles. The platform’s Premine Program is live, offering LPs an APR of over 47% on ARB/USDC.

Flooring Protocol: NFT-Fi for Trading and Liquidity

  • High Yields with Flooring Protocol: Flooring Protocol allows trading and liquidity provision for ERC-721s through µTokens. The platform offers lucrative yields, with APYs reaching up to 500% for certain collections. In just a week, the platform’s TVL reached over $20M with a trading volume of over $50M.

Gravita Protocol: Borrowing Protocol for Liquid Staking Tokens

  • Gravita’s Stablecoin and Attractive Yields: Gravita Protocol allows users to deposit liquid staking tokens to mint its native stablecoin, GRAI. Users can earn points redeemable for future airdrops while earning attractive yields, including a 91% APY on GRAI/WETH.

Sommelier Finance: Yield-Focused Aggregator and Optimizer

  • Sommelier’s Lucrative Yields: Sommelier Finance is a yield-focused aggregator and optimizer offering lucrative yields and token incentives for depositors. The platform recently announced a 3-month incentive program for the GHO real yield vault, currently yielding a 25% APY.

Arrakis Finance: Advanced Liquidity Management Protocol

  • High Yields with Arrakis: Arrakis Finance is a liquidity management protocol offering high risk-adjusted yields in DeFi. The platform’s LST vaults offer a 30-50% APR on wstETH/USDC, and the platform has yet to release a token, hinting at potential future airdrops for vault LPs.

Actionable Insights

  • Investigate the Potential of Timeswap: With its unique approach to lending and borrowing and attractive yields, Timeswap presents a potential opportunity for DeFi enthusiasts.
  • Explore Flooring Protocol’s NFT-Fi: Flooring Protocol’s high yields and innovative approach to NFT trading and liquidity provision make it worth exploring for those interested in NFTs and DeFi.
  • Consider Gravita Protocol’s Stablecoin: Gravita Protocol’s stablecoin and attractive yields could be of interest to those looking for stablecoin opportunities in DeFi.
  • Look into Sommelier Finance’s Yield Opportunities: Sommelier Finance’s lucrative yields and token incentives present potential opportunities for yield farming.
  • Examine Arrakis Finance’s Liquidity Management: Arrakis Finance’s high yields and advanced liquidity management make it a potential platform of interest for DeFi enthusiasts.

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