Research Summary

Findora is a Layer-1 blockchain that combines privacy capabilities with enhanced programmability. Despite its potential, Findora has seen relatively low network and economic activity since its launch. The Findora Foundation and Discreet Labs are actively targeting institutional use cases to enhance adoption. They have proposed technological solutions such as the APPA token standard and zk-DID, aiming to provide users access to privacy while still being able to comply with regulators. The successful implementation of these solutions, along with continued fund allocation and growth-driving efforts by the Findora Foundation, could attract a wave of users seeking compliant privacy.

Actionable Insights

  • Understand Findora’s dual execution layer: Findora features a dual execution layer that combines the privacy capabilities of an unspent transaction output (UTXO) model with the enhanced programmability of an account-based model.
  • Monitor Findora’s network and economic activity: Since its launch in 2021, Findora has experienced relatively low network and economic activity. However, the successful implementation of its proposed solutions could attract a wave of users and institutions seeking compliant privacy.
  • Keep an eye on Findora’s technological improvements: Findora’s upcoming technological improvements target enterprise and institutional use cases by offering privacy while ensuring auditability. The proposed solutions include a new auditable token standard and a zero-knowledge-based decentralized identity feature.
  • Track the growth strategies of the Findora Foundation and Discreet Labs: The Findora Foundation and Discreet Labs will continue deploying funds and forming partnerships to spur protocol and ecosystem development. The Foundation has announced two $100 million ecosystem funds to drive growth.

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