Research Summary

The report discusses the latest developments in the world of NFTs, web3, and emerging tech. It covers a range of topics including the controversy surrounding Arkham Intelligence’s on-chain intelligence exchange, the launch of Meta’s new social network Threads, and the latest news in NFT and blockchain gaming. The report also highlights the latest trends in crypto regulation, the potential of AI in the metaverse, and the intersection of blockchain and Hollywood.

Key Takeaways

Arkham Intelligence Controversy

  • On-chain intelligence exchange: Arkham Intelligence has announced a marketplace for buying and selling crypto owners’ personally identifying information, sparking controversy due to privacy concerns.
  • Company criticism: The company has been criticized for its centralized business model, spelling errors in its marketing content, and exposing private emails through its referral program.
  • Token issuance: Despite the controversy, Arkham is issuing a token.

Launch of Threads

  • Meta’s new social network: Threads, a new social network by Meta, has gained 100M users in under a week. The platform is committed to an open social network where creators can interact with other decentralized platforms.
  • User experience: Reviews of Threads have been mixed, with some users criticizing the quality of content on the platform.
  • Impact on Twitter: The launch of Threads has led some influencers to predict the end of Twitter due to issues with bots and scammers.

Blockchain and Hollywood

  • Intersection of industries: The report discusses the challenges studios face in distribution and suggests that those failing to adapt to web3 could be undermined by those embracing it.
  • Impact of web3: The adoption of web3 could significantly impact all aspects of the filmmaking process.

Actionable Insights

  • Privacy concerns: Companies operating in the crypto space should prioritize user privacy and security to avoid controversy and potential legal issues.
  • Adoption of new platforms: Brands and influencers should consider exploring new social networks like Threads to reach a wider audience and stay ahead of trends.
  • Embrace of web3: Industries such as filmmaking should consider the potential benefits of embracing web3 technologies.

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