Research Summary

The report discusses the author’s shift in focus from portfolio updates to trading portfolio analysis. It also provides a market read, highlighting the arrival of a downtrend and the uncertainty of the market bottom. The author suggests a cautious approach, refraining from long positions except for AI coins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Key Takeaways

Shift in Newsletter Focus

  • Change in Content Structure: The author plans to restructure the newsletter to provide more value by focusing more on the trading portfolio rather than the spot portfolio. This is due to the static nature of a spot-long portfolio.

Market Analysis

  • Forecasted Downtrend: The author’s telegram channel correctly predicted a market downtrend, indicating the reliability of the channel’s market predictions.
  • Uncertainty of Market Bottom: The author admits to the uncertainty of the market bottom, emphasizing the unpredictability of the market.

Trading Strategy

  • High Time Frame Trading: The author identifies as a High Time Frame (HTF) trader, preferring not to trade below the D1. This trading style aligns with the weekly pace of the newsletter.
  • Caution in Long Positions: The author advises against taking long positions in the current market conditions, except for AI coins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. This suggests a cautious approach due to market volatility.

Actionable Insights

  • Consider High Time Frame Trading: Traders might want to consider High Time Frame (HTF) trading, as it aligns with the weekly market pace and can potentially offer more stable returns.
  • Exercise Caution in Long Positions: Given the current market conditions, traders should exercise caution when considering long positions. Focusing on AI coins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum could be a safer strategy.
  • Stay Informed with Reliable Market Predictions: Traders should stay informed about market trends and predictions from reliable sources to make informed trading decisions.

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