Research Summary

The report discusses the current trending narratives in the cryptocurrency market, focusing on Bitcoin DeFi and Memecoins, Crypto AI, Solana, and GameFi. It highlights the performance of specific projects such as Ordinals ($ORDI), Stacks, TAO, RNDR, PHB, OLAS, and Solana ($SOL), and their potential future prospects.

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin DeFi and Memecoins

  • Bitcoin’s Dominance: The report notes that Bitcoin has historically been a top-performing coin at the beginning of a new bull run, with its dominance up 38% since the start of the year. This has led to a strong narrative around projects building on Bitcoin or directly related to it.
  • Performance of $ORDI: Ordinals ($ORDI), the first cryptocurrency developed in the BRC-20 format on Bitcoin, has seen a significant increase, with its value up more than 15x since the beginning of October.
  • Bitcoin DeFi Projects: The report mentions Stacks, a Bitcoin L2 project that enables deploying smart contracts on Bitcoin, as an example of innovation in the Bitcoin DeFi space.

Crypto AI

  • Performance of AI Tokens: The report notes that many AI tokens have performed above expectations, with TAO up 4x and OLAS up more than 5x. The Google Search Traffic for AI is at an all-time high, indicating that crypto AI could be a top-performing narrative in the bull run.
  • AI Tokens to Watch: The report lists TAO, RNDR, PHB, and OLAS as AI tokens to watch.


  • Solana’s Performance: Solana ($SOL) has seen a 3x increase in the past 40 days, benefiting from the renewed interest in L1 blockchains. The report attributes Solana’s success to its good tech, strong community, and thriving ecosystem.
  • Future Growth Catalyst: The report mentions the upcoming Firedancer network upgrade in 2024, which will enable Solana to process up to 1M transactions per second, as a major growth catalyst for Solana.

GameFi (Gaming Finance)

  • Performance of GameFi Tokens: The report notes that many GameFi tokens have significantly outperformed the market since early October, with IMX up almost 3x, RON up almost 5x, PRIME up 3x, and CROWN up 5x.
  • Future Prospects: The report suggests that as retail investors return, GameFi projects could explode in popularity.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Bitcoin DeFi and Memecoin Projects: Given the current dominance of Bitcoin and the performance of projects like $ORDI, it could be beneficial to keep an eye on Bitcoin DeFi and memecoin projects.
  • Research the Potential of AI Tokens: With the recent performance of AI tokens and the high Google Search Traffic for AI, there could be potential in researching and understanding the dynamics of AI tokens like TAO, RNDR, PHB, and OLAS.
  • Keep an Eye on Solana’s Developments: Given Solana’s recent performance and upcoming network upgrade, it could be beneficial to monitor Solana’s developments and understand its potential impact on the market.
  • Explore the GameFi Space: With the recent performance of GameFi tokens and the potential for increased popularity, exploring the GameFi space could provide valuable insights.

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