Research Summary

The report is a newsletter that provides a comprehensive overview of the gaming industry’s latest news and trends. The report discusses significant events such as the FTC withdrawing from the Activision Blizzard Case, the Q2 Gaming M&A Deal & Fundraising Activity, Roblox enabling subscriptions for developers, TikTok’s gaming-related videos hitting 3 trillion views in 2022, and the enduring success of Candy Crush. The newsletter also includes a list of additional resources and recent funding announcements in the gaming industry.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor the FTC and Microsoft-Activision situation: The FTC’s withdrawal from the Activision Blizzard case could spark another onset of M&A frenzy in the gaming industry.
  • Invest in gaming companies with strong funding and M&A activity: The gaming industry witnessed significant funding, mergers, and acquisitions in Q2 2023, indicating strong investor confidence in the sector’s future growth.
  • Support developers on platforms like Roblox: Roblox’s new subscription program provides developers with additional monetization options, creating opportunities for more stable and predictable income.
  • Capitalize on the popularity of gaming content on TikTok: Gaming-related content on TikTok garnered over three trillion views in 2022, highlighting the platform’s growing influence in the gaming industry.
  • Learn from successful mobile games like Candy Crush: Candy Crush’s enduring popularity provides valuable insights into effective game design, monetization, and player engagement strategies.

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