Research Summary

The research report focuses on the evolution of blockchain technology towards a modular approach. The report discusses how Ethereum’s Layer-2 rollups have captured significant market share and become major revenue generators. It also highlights the efforts of various projects such as EigenLayer, Cosmos, Osmosis, Babylon, and Stacks to enhance blockchain security and efficiency.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Ethereum’s Layer-2 Rollups: Ethereum’s Layer-2 rollups have become major revenue generators and have captured significant market share. Keep an eye on their development and adoption.
  • Assess Security Solutions: Projects like EigenLayer and Cosmos are working on solutions to enhance blockchain security. EigenLayer is pooling Ethereum’s security for other applications to utilize with their restaking technology, while Cosmos is increasing the security of its appchains with its Replicated Security model.
  • Stay Informed on Project Developments: Keep track of the progress of projects like Osmosis, Babylon, and Stacks. Osmosis has proposed its own version of shared security called Mesh Security, Babylon is leveraging the security of the Bitcoin blockchain to increase the security of Cosmos appchains, and Stacks is using Bitcoin to secure its transactions with its novel proof-of-transfer consensus mechanism.

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