Research Summary

The report discusses upcoming events and developments in the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors. It highlights the potential impact of these events on various tokens such as $ARB, $GMX, $GRAIL, $MAGIC, $WINR, $PENDLE, $RDNT, $ILV, $AXS, $SAND, $GMT, $YGG, $COW, $POL, $MATIC, $BLUR, $APT, $SUSHI, $STG, $XRP, $RDPX, $BTC, $ETH, $NEAR, $XEC, $QTUM, and $AVAX.

Key Takeaways

Arbitrum Ecosystem and Gaming Season

  • Arbitrum Incentives: The Arbitrum ecosystem is set to attract significant capital and user inflow due to incentives from the STIP and staking rewards programs, which will distribute 150M $ARB over the coming months. This could benefit $ARB and native projects such as $GMX, $GRAIL, $MAGIC, $WINR, $PENDLE, and $RDNT.
  • Gaming Season Catalysts: The gaming season is heating up with major events such as the expected announcement of the GTA VI Trailer, the listing of $ILV on the Epic Games Store, and the $YGG Summit. These events could impact gaming tokens like $ILV, $AXS, $SAND, $GMT, $MAGIC, and $YGG.

Protocol Developments and Token Unlocks

  • Cow Protocol Fee Models: Cow Protocol is considering implementing protocol fees on the DEX for the first time, potentially leading to a fee-sharing model with $COW stakers in the future.
  • Token Unlocks: Significant portions of the circulating supply of $BLUR and $APT will be unlocked soon, potentially impacting their market dynamics. $BLUR is also discussing a 1% protocol fee, which could boost revenue if NFT activity resumes.

Upcoming Announcements and Events

  • Polygon Announcements: Polygon’s founder has hinted at important announcements to be made soon. Additionally, the Launchpool program on Bybit for $POL, $MATIC’s token rebrand, ends today.
  • Ripple Swell 2023 and $XRP: The Ripple Swell 2023 event and the deadline for the current SEC lawsuit against Ripple both occur on November 9, potentially impacting $XRP.

Network Upgrades and Conferences

  • $XEC Network Upgrade: A network upgrade for $XEC is scheduled for November 15th, introducing staking rewards and increasing the miner fund from 8% to 32% of block rewards.
  • NEARCON23 Conference: The NEARCON23 conference, taking place from November 7-10th, could reveal Near’s exploration of AI Solutions, given that its founder co-authored a significant AI paper.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Arbitrum Ecosystem: Keep an eye on the Arbitrum ecosystem and its native projects as the STIP and staking rewards programs kick in.
  • Track Gaming Tokens: Follow the performance of gaming tokens like $ILV, $AXS, $SAND, $GMT, $MAGIC, and $YGG as major gaming events unfold.
  • Observe Cow Protocol Developments: Watch for updates on Cow Protocol’s potential implementation of protocol fees and its impact on $COW.
  • Assess Impact of Token Unlocks: Evaluate the market dynamics of $BLUR and $APT as significant portions of their circulating supply are unlocked.
  • Stay Updated on Polygon Announcements: Stay tuned for Polygon’s upcoming announcements and the end of the Launchpool program on Bybit for $POL, $MATIC’s token rebrand.
  • Follow Ripple Swell 2023 and $XRP: Monitor the Ripple Swell 2023 event and the SEC lawsuit against Ripple for potential impacts on $XRP.
  • Watch $XEC Network Upgrade: Keep an eye on the $XEC network upgrade and its potential impact on staking rewards and miner fund allocation.
  • Attend NEARCON23 Conference: Attend the NEARCON23 conference to learn about Near’s potential exploration of AI Solutions.

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