Research Summary

Lore, a co-ownership platform for web3 collectives, has secured a $4M investment led by Multicoin Capital. The platform allows internet-native communities to pool resources, co-purchase, and co-use digital assets seamlessly. Lore aims to solve the UX fragmentation problem that hampers the formation and operation of digital collectives. The platform provides a protocol for creating trustless shared wallets and a platform for coordination and utilization post-purchase. Lore envisions a future where communities of varying sizes can channel their resources into collective action that builds and sustains new, digital-native cultural movements.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Lore’s Development: Lore is currently in public beta. Its development and adoption by web3 collectives could have significant implications for how digital assets are owned and managed.
  • Assess Impact on Web3 Collectives: Lore’s success could reshape the landscape of web3 collectives, making it easier for them to form, operate, and achieve their goals. This could lead to the emergence of new types of collectives and cultural movements.
  • Stay Informed on Co-Ownership Trends: Lore’s approach to co-ownership of digital assets represents a significant trend in the crypto space. Understanding this trend could provide insights into future developments in the sector.

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