Research Summary

The report highlights the narratives driving the market, including Trader Tooling, LSDfi, DeFi Dino Coins, Casinos/Gaming, and the NFT Bloodbath. It also mentions the potential BTC ETF as a significant market catalyst. The report further lists several token unlocks and launches as potential catalysts. Lastly, it introduces new and upcoming launches that could be of interest to investors.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Trader Tooling projects: With the success of Maestro and UNIBOT, other projects like Blacksmith0x, Geniebotapp, Farmerfrens, and Cipherterminal could be worth watching.
  • Keep an eye on Casinos/Gaming: RLB and DMT have performed well recently and could continue to do so.
  • Watch for BTC ETF decision: A decision could come by mid-August or early 2024, which could significantly impact the market.
  • Track token unlocks: Unlocks for APT, IMX, APE, and AXS could influence their respective markets.
  • Observe new launches: Projects like LimitlessFi_, Parallaxfin, GNLProtocol, FlooringLab, LuminProtocol, Lootbot_xyz, ChampionsVerse, Radpiexyz_io, FatzukiNFT, and U_protocol are launching soon and could present investment opportunities.

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