Research Summary

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the cryptocurrency market for the week of March 1. It covers the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the impact of the Uniswap Foundation’s governance proposal, the rise of AI coins, the resurgence of memecoins, and the performance of Solana and other alt L1s. The report also discusses the performance of various altcoins and provides insights into the market trends.

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin’s Performance

  • Bitcoin’s Surge: Bitcoin’s price rose from $51k to nearly $64k in three days, largely due to strong ETF flows. The report suggests that the market usually doesn’t go insane before Bitcoin reaches its previous all-time high.

Ethereum’s Performance

  • Ethereum’s Growth: Ethereum also had a strong week, with its price rising from $3000 to $3400. The report suggests that longing Ethereum could be a better risk/reward trade than Bitcoin due to its lagging performance.

Uniswap’s Governance Proposal

  • Uniswap’s Fee Switch: The Uniswap Foundation’s governance proposal for the “fee switch” led to a significant pump in Uniswap’s price, with a 60% increase since the announcement.

AI Coins

  • AI Coins’ Performance: AI coins took a small hit when the hot ball of money rotated into DeFi coins but recovered strongly. The report suggests that this category cannot be ignored despite its apparent simplicity.


  • Memecoin Mania: Memecoins were the best-performing category of the week, suggesting that retail is starting to come back into crypto. The report suggests that memecoins are here to stay and will remain a dominant theme.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Bitcoin’s Performance: Given Bitcoin’s recent surge, it’s crucial to keep an eye on its performance and market trends.
  • Consider Ethereum’s Potential: With Ethereum’s price lagging behind Bitcoin’s, it may present a better risk/reward trade.
  • Understand the Impact of Governance Proposals: The Uniswap Foundation’s governance proposal had a significant impact on its price, highlighting the importance of understanding such proposals.
  • Keep an Eye on AI Coins: Despite their simplicity, AI coins have shown strong performance and should not be ignored.
  • Consider the Potential of Memecoins: With memecoins performing well, it’s worth considering their potential in the crypto market.

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