Research Summary

The article discusses the performance of the Polygon ($MATIC) ecosystem, including PoS, Supernets, and zkEVM. The number of active wallets on Polygon PoS increased by 48% in April of 2023, compared to the number of active wallets in February of 2023. DeFi wallets grew by 74% in the same period, and 45% MoM compared to March of 2023. The article also mentions that the number of active wallets that had made more than 2 transactions on Polygon PoS was the highest among the past 6 months (1.74M wallets).

The article further discusses the growing trend in non-financial NFT sales volume on Polygon PoS. Last month saw $64M in NFT sales volume, contributing to a total of $200M over the past three months. Compared to the prior three months (November of 2022 to January of 2023), that is a 230% increase in NFT sales volume.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Polygon’s Performance: Polygon’s active wallets and DeFi wallets have shown significant growth. It’s important to keep an eye on these metrics as they indicate the network’s usage and adoption.
  • Assess NFT Sales Volume: There’s a growing trend in non-financial NFT sales volume on Polygon PoS. This could indicate a growing interest in NFTs on the Polygon network.
  • Stay Informed on DeFi Infrastructure: The article mentions that Polygon continues to emphasize the creation of DeFi infrastructure. Keeping abreast of these developments could provide investment opportunities.

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