Research Summary

The article discusses the performance of various crypto projects including Hivemapper, DIMO, Filecoin, and Render. Hivemapper, a decentralized network that uses AI to transform dashcam imagery into a global map, has seen contributors submit more than 20M km of map data, equivalent to 5% of global roads. DIMO, an open connected vehicle platform, has seen a 4.7x increase in vehicles minted onchain and connected to the network. Filecoin, the largest decentralized storage network, has seen the data stored on its network grow from 500PiB at the beginning of the year to 1100 PiB today. Render, a distributed marketplace for GPU-intensive rendering jobs, has seen payments to GPU providers increase by 214% Q/Q and 151% Y/Y.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Hivemapper’s Growth: The platform has seen significant growth in the amount of map data submitted by contributors. This could indicate a growing interest in decentralized mapping solutions.
  • Track DIMO’s Expansion: The increase in vehicles minted onchain and connected to the network suggests that DIMO’s customer base is expanding into a new segment: fleet owners.
  • Assess Filecoin’s Storage Growth: The significant increase in data stored on the Filecoin network indicates a growing demand for decentralized storage solutions.
  • Observe Render’s Performance: The increase in payments to GPU providers suggests that there is a growing demand for GPU-intensive rendering jobs.

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