Research Summary

The report discusses the recent developments in the crypto market, focusing on BlackRock NFTs, Alien Milady Fumo (FUMO), and UNIBOT. BlackRock NFTs, replicas of OG EtherRocks painted black, sold out quickly after a stealth minting, but derivative tokens found it hard to find buyers. Alien Milady Fumo experienced significant momentum after MiladyMaker announced their unique version of the Unisocks bonding curve, leading to a 10x gain within minutes and a 24h volume of $41 million. UNIBOT successfully completed its token migration.

Actionable Insights

  • BlackRock NFTs: Investors should exercise caution to avoid falling for ERC-20 token scams falsely claiming affiliation.
  • Alien Milady Fumo (FUMO): The significant momentum following MiladyMaker’s announcement of their unique version of the Unisocks bonding curve led to impressive gains, indicating potential investment opportunities in similar projects.
  • UNIBOT: The successful completion of its token migration suggests a stable platform for future growth and potential investment.

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