• Apr 27, 2023


Research Summary

The article provides an overview of recent events in the crypto and NFT market. It highlights the performance of various NFT collections, including 10KTF G-Tags, ALTS by adidas, Azuki, Captainz, Notable Pepes Series 1, and Opepen. It also mentions the launch of new collections like Mad Lads, Moonbirds Mythics, Otherdeeds, and Reddit Gen 3 Avatars. The report discusses the market trends, upcoming launches, and notable partnerships in the NFT space.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on the performance of various NFT collections and the overall market trends to make informed investment decisions.
  • Assess Upcoming Launches: Stay updated on the upcoming NFT launches like Life in Japan 2 by Grant Yun, Nike Our Force 1, and SK8PES to seize potential investment opportunities.
  • Stay Informed on Partnerships: Track notable partnerships in the NFT space, such as the collaboration between 10KTF and Yuga Labs, and the partnership between BEANZ and LINE FRIENDS.

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