Research Summary

The report discusses the growing trend of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs). The report highlights that the tokenization of RWAs has seen increased user adoption and the entrance of large institutional players. This trend is driven by relatively low decentralized finance (DeFi) yields and rising interest rates, leading to an uptake in RWAs, particularly in tokenized treasuries. The report estimates that tokenized assets could become a US$16 trillion market by 2030, up from US$310B in 2022.

Actionable Insights

  • Invest in tokenized assets: With the market for tokenized assets projected to reach US$16 trillion by 2030, there is significant potential for growth.
  • Monitor protocols integrating RWAs: Several protocols like MakerDAO, Maple Finance, and Ondo Finance are integrating RWAs, indicating a growing trend in the crypto space.
  • Consider the impact of DeFi yields and interest rates: The report suggests that low DeFi yields and rising interest rates are driving the uptake in RWAs, particularly in tokenized treasuries. Investors should consider these factors when making investment decisions.

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