Research Summary

The report discusses the impact of the Atlas Upgrade on the Rocket Pool protocol. The upgrade has led to a 15% increase in total ETH staked and has introduced LEB8 minipools. These minipools allow node operators to generate 45% more ETH staking yield than solo stakers. The upgrade has also improved the protocol’s efficiency and scalability, with over 8,300 LEB8 minipools created since the upgrade went live. The report also highlights the optimized minipool queue, which allows for more efficient use of ETH.

Actionable Insights

  • Consider the benefits of LEB8 minipools: These minipools offer a higher return than solo staking, making them an attractive option for users with 32 ETH.
  • Take note of the increased demand for LEB8 minipools: Over 8,300 LEB8 minipools have been created since the Atlas upgrade, indicating a strong demand for this feature.
  • Understand the impact of the optimized minipool queue: The Atlas Upgrade has improved the efficiency of the minipool queue, allowing for better use of ETH and potentially increasing the yield for rETH holders.

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