Research Summary

The report discusses the potential airdrops in the crypto market that are worth pursuing. It provides a list of airdrops from various protocols, bridges, wallets, decentralized exchanges, and Layer 2 solutions. The report also includes a referral link for Bybit, a crypto trading platform, and mentions DeGate, a decentralized exchange.

Key Takeaways

Importance of Marketing in Crypto

  • Marketing Focus: The report emphasizes the importance of marketing in the crypto space, especially for DeFi protocols. It suggests that protocols not focusing on marketing may miss out on the incoming retail investors.

Airdrops from Various Sources

  • Protocol Airdrops: The report lists several protocols that are potentially offering airdrops, including EigenLayer, BungeeExchange, JumperExchange, and deBridgeFinance.
  • Wallet Airdrops: Wallets such as, Phantom,, MetaMask, and DeBankDeFi are rumored to be offering airdrops.
  • Decentralized Exchanges/Yield Protocols: Aevo, Hyperliquid,, Drift Protocol, Meteora, and Struct Finance are among the decentralized exchanges and yield protocols that may offer airdrops.
  • Layer 2 Airdrops: Layer 2 solutions like Starknet, LineaBuild, zkSync, and Mode Network are presumed to be offering airdrops.

DeGate: A Decentralized Exchange

  • DeGate Features: DeGate, an order book DEX on Ethereum built with ZK Rollup, offers low fees and fast execution. Users can trade in USDM, a yield-bearing stablecoin that gives 5% APR.

Bybit: A Crypto Trading Platform

  • Bybit Referral: The report includes a referral link for Bybit, a crypto trading platform. New users can get lower fees, a bonus of up to $30,000, and join a trading group.

Future of Ethereum

  • Ethereum Demand: The report suggests that the demand for Ethereum ($ETH) will increase as more people want it, leading to a crowded market.

Actionable Insights

  • Consider Participating in Airdrops: Crypto enthusiasts may want to consider participating in the airdrops mentioned in the report to potentially increase their crypto holdings.
  • Explore DeGate: Traders looking for a decentralized exchange with low fees and fast execution may want to explore DeGate.
  • Consider Bybit: Those interested in crypto trading may want to consider using Bybit, especially if they can benefit from the referral link provided in the report.
  • Monitor Ethereum: Investors may want to keep a close eye on Ethereum, as the report suggests an increase in demand for this cryptocurrency.

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