Research Summary

The Article is an interview with Sanket, the Head of Growth at Polygon, discussing the future of Layer 1s in the era of Layer 2 scaling solutions. The interview covers the role of Polygon PoS Chain, comparison of Polygon zkEVM with zkSync, and Polygon’s secret to success. Sanket explains that Polygon’s primary objective is to scale Ethereum and expand its block space. He also mentions that Polygon is building various scaling solutions and is focused on launching a functional chain first before rushing decentralization. The interview also highlights the frictionless experience Polygon offers developers and its fast and cost-efficient prover.

Actionable Insights

  • Understand the Role of Polygon PoS Chain: Polygon PoS Chain is being upgraded to become a true Layer 2 to Ethereum. This upgrade is expected to be a long-term solution for the existing 40,000 applications.
  • Compare Polygon zkEVM with zkSync: Polygon zkEVM offers a more developer-friendly and robust solution compared to zkSync Era. It provides a frictionless developer experience and has the world’s fastest and most cost-efficient prover.
  • Learn from Polygon’s Approach: Polygon’s approach to scaling Ethereum involves separating data and execution components, which increases Ethereum’s capacity. Most activity will take place on Layer 2, while still maintaining the full security of Ethereum.

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