Research Summary

The report discusses the latest developments in the DeFi sector, focusing on the Lumerin and Manifold projects. Lumerin, a P2P marketplace for buying and selling hash power, is gaining traction on the Arbitrum network. Manifold, an MEV infrastructure-based project, is set to launch its LST, mevETH, which could benefit the FOLD token. The report also mentions several other DeFi projects and updates.

Key Takeaways

Lumerin’s Potential in the DeFi Space

  • Lumerin’s Unique Offering: Lumerin is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling hash power. It allows miners to hedge their costs and users to purchase hash power without owning mining equipment. The marketplace is currently located on the Arbitrum network.
  • Global Reach and Future Plans: The Lumerin team, with ties to the Bitcoin mining industry, aims to onboard miners globally. They also plan to create hash power derivatives and other DeFi-related functionalities to speed up adoption.

Manifold’s Upcoming Launch

  • Manifold’s mevETH: Manifold is set to launch its own omnichain LST, mevETH, boosted by their MEV RPC after acquiring crETH from Cream. The launch could benefit the FOLD token if Manifold successfully provides higher yields than competitors due to their MEV strategies.
  • Future Developments: The Manifold team plans to build an Optimistic-based rollup for an MEV auction system for various LSTs. Revenue/sequencer fees will be distributed to FOLD stakers. A new token for the mevETH protocol will be created, with 20% airdropped to FOLD holders.

Other Noteworthy Projects

  • Itos Fi: Itos Fi is described as the token derivatives engine of DeFi.
  • zkAutomate: zkAutomate is the first no-code automation platform for traders and developers, allowing the creation of trading bots, perp automation, and smart contract automation.
  • Opal: Opal is an omnipool protocol to mutualize strategic single assets liquidity, such as stablecoins and liquid staking derivatives, and deploy it efficiently on veDEXs pools.

Updates on Various Projects

  • Project Updates: The report provides updates on several projects, including Timeswap’s premine on Polygon, Econia going live on Aptos, the introduction of Lava Phase 2, and Axiom V2 going live on Goerli.
  • Upcoming Launches: Several projects are set to launch soon, including Gearbox V3, Gyroscope, and Balancer V3.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Lumerin’s Progress: Given Lumerin’s unique offering and its potential to onboard miners globally, it could be worthwhile to keep an eye on its development and adoption rate.
  • Track Manifold’s Launch: The launch of Manifold’s mevETH and its potential impact on the FOLD token could be significant. Observing the launch and its aftermath could provide insights into the effectiveness of Manifold’s MEV strategies.
  • Explore Other Mentioned Projects: The report mentions several other DeFi projects, such as Itos Fi, zkAutomate, and Opal. Researching these projects could provide a broader understanding of the current DeFi landscape.
  • Stay Updated on Project Developments: Regularly checking updates on various projects can provide insights into the evolving DeFi sector and potential trends.

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