Research Summary

The articles cover a range of topics, including the potential of machine learning model inference via zkSNARKs in smart contracts, the token economics for Web3 infrastructure networks, and the impact of emission schedules. Another article discusses a gathering of the onchain gaming community, ‘The Summit’, where developers, founders, and community members shared their learnings and discussed critical themes like indexing, application frameworks, developer standards, monetization, onchain value propositions, and governance.

Actionable Insights

  • zkSNARKs in Smart Contracts: The use of zkSNARKs for proving machine learning model inference could be a significant advancement in smart contracts, opening up a large design space for applications and infrastructure.
  • Token Economics for Web3: There is a need for more research into how Web3 infrastructure networks have paid out their emissions and what different emission schedules look like.
  • Onchain Gaming Community: The onchain gaming community is actively sharing learnings and discussing critical themes. This indicates a vibrant and collaborative community that could drive innovation in onchain games.

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