Research Summary

The report discusses significant events in the cryptocurrency world, including BlackRock’s entrance into the Bitcoin ecosystem, the launch of Blur’s V2 NFT marketplace, and the ongoing evolution of MakerDAO, a DeFi protocol. The report also highlights the implications of these developments for the broader crypto market.

Actionable Insights

  • BlackRock’s entrance into Bitcoin: BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, has expressed his belief in the digitization of products and sees Bitcoin as a digital form of gold. This move signifies the arrival of institutional investors in the crypto space, which could have significant implications for Bitcoin’s governance and the preservation of its core properties.
  • Blur’s V2 NFT marketplace launch: Blur has introduced a new method for earning airdrop points, which could potentially shift the platform’s dynamics. However, this move has raised concerns among some of Blur’s top users, and a continued trend of Blur whales withdrawing their liquidity could signal the start of the platform’s waning dominance.
  • MakerDAO’s evolution: MakerDAO has made significant progress in addressing criticisms related to its reliance on USDC as it diversifies its exposure into yield-generating real-world assets such as US Treasuries. This shift allows Maker to diversify its centralized collateral composition while generating yield for the Maker protocol and for DAI holders.

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