Research Summary

The article is a ranking of the top ten Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects for July. The rankings are based on the opinions of 15 council members from different corners of the web3 ecosystem. The document provides a detailed analysis of each project, including their recent activities, partnerships, and upcoming plans. It also provides reasons for being bullish or hesitant about each project. The projects discussed include RTFKT, Doodles, VeeFriends, ON1 Force, and OnChain Monkey.

Actionable Insights

  • RTFKT: Despite some early issues, RTFKT is making strides in the NFT space with partnerships and new projects. However, there are concerns about the focus being shifted to .SWOOSH, a different web3 brand outside of RTFKT.
  • Doodles: Doodles continues to build its brand and community, with a focus on animation and partnerships. However, there are concerns about the choice of Flow Blockchain for Doodles 2.
  • VeeFriends: VeeFriends is actively engaging its holders with various initiatives but struggles with brand identity. The project’s future success depends on translating GaryVee’s personal social media success to the project.
  • ON1 Force: After hitting a low point, ON1 Force is making a comeback under new ownership. The project is building new partnerships and products, but there are concerns about past baggage and the complexity of the forward strategy.
  • OnChain Monkey: OnChain Monkey, a new addition to the top ten list, has been a cult favorite since its launch. The project’s success is attributed to the trust and respect engendered by its co-founder, Danny Yang.

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